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> On 24.08.2012 18:51, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
>> On 20.08.2012 00:31, Alexander Korotkov wrote:
>>> New version of patch.
>>> * Collect new stakind STATISTIC_KIND_BOUNDS_**HISTOGRAM, which is lower
>>> and
>>> upper bounds histograms combined into single ranges array, instead
>> One worry I have about that format for the histogram is that you
>> deserialize all the values in the histogram, before you do the binary
>> searches. That seems expensive if stats target is very high. I guess you
>> could deserialize them lazily to alleviate that, though.
>>  * Selectivity estimations for>,>=,<,<=,<<,>>,&<,&> using this
>>> histogram.
>> Thanks!
>> I'm going to do the same for this that I did for the sp-gist patch, and
>> punt on the more complicated parts for now, and review them separately.
>> Attached is a heavily edited version that doesn't include the length
>> histogram, and consequently doesn't do anything smart for the &< and &>
>> operators. && is estimated using the bounds histograms. There's now a
>> separate stakind for the empty range fraction, since it's not included
>> in the length-histogram.
>> I tested this on a dataset containing birth and death dates of persons
>> that have a wikipedia page, obtained from the dbpedia.org project. I can
>> send a copy if someone wants it. The estimates seem pretty accurate.
>> Please take a look, to see if I messed up something.
> Committed this with some further changes.

Addon patch is attached. Actually, I don't get your intention of
introducing STATISTIC_KIND_RANGE_EMPTY_FRAC stakind. Did you plan to leave
it as empty frac in distinct stakind or replace this stakind

With best regards,
Alexander Korotkov.

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