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>> * Make the tz file configurable, so people can be more explicit about
>> what *they* mean by certain codes, to avoid the need for choosing
>> between countries. For example, someone may have hardcoded particular
>> codes with the understanding they relate to one particular TZ - if we
>> make changes, we will alter the application logic, so that must be
>> able to be "put back" for backwards compatibility.
> It is configurable. See
> http://www.postgresql.org/docs/devel/static/datetime-config-files.html.
> We're just discussing what the defaults should be.

The problem there is that the default is "Default", so you have no
idea what you are accepting and so are unlikely to be brave enough to
alter it.

If "default" were named "Postgres9" then people would at least
understand that hackers had decided a few things and they might want
to override it.

So I think we need 2 new settings: one called "Postgres92", one called
"Postgres93". 93 has the new settings and is the default.

"Default" would no longer map to anything, to make sure we have an
explicit break of compatibility.

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