I'm not sure what to do with this patch.  There was some resistance to
the idea originally; then after some discussion, there was some
apparent agreement that it might be useful on occasion.  Later, a patch
was posted, but there was almost no review of it; except to say that it
should probably be reworked on top of an hypothetical, future XLogReader

Since it doesn't look like we're going anywhere with it soon, I'm going
to close it as returned with feedback.  Hopefully, if we get XLogReader
in 9.3, we will have time to rebase this patch on top of that.  (I
invite Amit to give Heikki's version of XLogReader patch a look.)

(It is very hard to track down vague references to old threads that
aren't properly linked in new threads.  Please make sure to reply to old
emails, or at least to give Message-Ids or URLs when starting new
threads.  I am replying to one message of each old thread here.)

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