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> On Oct 23, 2012 4:52 PM, "Alvaro Herrera" <alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
>> Boszormenyi Zoltan escribió:
>> > >>Also, the check for conflict between -R and -x/-X is now removed.
>> >
>> > The documentation for option -R has changed to reflect this and
>> > there is no different error code 2 now: it would make the behaviour
>> > inconsistent between -Fp and -Ft.
>> >
>> > >>>The PQconninfo patch is also attached but didn't change since the
>> > >>> last mail.
>> Magnus,
>> This patch is all yours to handle.  I'm guessing nothing will happen
>> until pgconf.eu is done and over, but hopefully you can share a few
>> beers with Zoltan over the whole subject (and maybe with Peter about the
>> PQconninfo stuff?)
>> I'm not closing this just yet, but if you're not able to handle this
>> soon, maybe it'd be better to punt it to the November commitfest.
> It's on my to do list for when I get back, but correct, won't get to it
> until after the conference.

I finally got around to looking at this patch now. Sorry about the way
too long delay.

A few thoughts:

First, on the libpq patch:

I'm not sure I like the for_replication flag to PQconninfo(). It seems
we're it's a quite limited API, and not very future proof. What's to
say that an app would only be interested in filtering based on
for_replication? One idea might be to have a bitmap field there, and
assign *all* conninfo options to a category. We could then have
categories for NORMAL and REPLICATION. But we could also for example
have a category for PASSWORD (or similar), so that you could get with
and without those. Passing in a 32-bit integer would allow us to have
32 different categories, and we could then use a bitmask to pick
things out.

It might sound a bit like overengineering, but it's also an API and
it's a PITA to change it in the future if more needs show up..

Second, I wonder if we really need to add the code for requiressl=1,
or if we should just remove it. The spelling requiressl=1 was
deprecated back in 7.4 - which has obviously been out of support for a
long time now.

Third, in fillPGconn. If mapping has both conninfoValue and connvalue,
it does a free() on the old value in memberaddr, but if it doesn't it
just overwrites memberaddr with strdup(). Shouldn't those two paths be
the same, meaning shouldn't the  if (*memberaddr) free(*memberaddr);
check be outside the if block?

Fourth, I'm not sure I like the "memberaddr" term. It's not wrong, but
it threw me off a couple of times while reading it. It's not all that
important, and I'm not sure about another idea for it though - maybe
just "connmember"?

Then, about the pg_basebackup patch:

What's the reason for the () around 512 for TARCHUNKSZ?

We have a lot of hardcoded entries of the 512 for tar in that file. We
should either keep using 512 as a constant, or change all those to
*also* use the #define. Right now, the code will obviously break if
you change the #define (for example, it compares to 512, but then uses
hdrleft = TARCHUNKSZ - tarhdrsz; to do calculation).

The name choice of "basebackup" for the bool in ReceiveTarFile() is
unfortunate, since we use the term base backup to refer to the
complete thing, not just the main tablespace. Probably
"basetablespcae" instead. And it should then be assigned at the top of
the function (to the result of PQgetisnull()), and used in the main
if() branch as well.

Should we really print the status message even if not in verbose mode?
We only print the "base backup complete" messages in verbose mode, for

It seems wrong to free() recoveryconf in ReceiveTarFile(). It's
allocated globally at the beginning. While that loop should only be
called once (since only one tablespace can be the main one), it's a
confusing location for the free.

The whole tar writing part of the code needs a lot more comments. It's
entirely unclear what the code does there. Why does the recovery.conf
writing code need to be split up in multiple locations inside
ReceiveTarFile(), for example? It either needs to be simplified, or
explained why it can't be simplified in comments.

_tarCreateHeader() is really badly named, since it specifically
creates a tar header for recovery.conf only. Either that needs to be a
parameter, or it needs to have a name that indicates this is the only
thing it does. The former is probably better.

Much of the tar stuff is very similar (I haven't looked to see if it's
identical) to the stuff in backend/replication/basebackup.c. Perhaps
we should have a src/port/tarutil.c?

escape_string() - already exists as escape_quotes() in initdb, AFAICT.
We should either move it to src/port/, or at least copy it so it's
exactly the same.

CreateRecoveryConf() should just use PQExpBuffer (in libpq), I think -
that does away with a lot of code. We already use this from e.g.
pg_dump, so there's a precedent for using internal code from libpq in

Again, my apologies for this review taking so long. I will try to be
more attentive to the next round :S

 Magnus Hagander
 Me: http://www.hagander.net/
 Work: http://www.redpill-linpro.com/

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