On Tue, 2012-12-18 at 04:06 -0500, Greg Smith wrote:
> Having some way to nail down if the same block is bad on a 
> given standby seems like a useful interface we should offer, and it 
> shouldn't take too much work.  Ideally you won't find the same 
> corruption there.  I'd like a way to check the entirety of a standby for 
> checksum issues, ideally run right after it becomes current.  It seems 
> the most likely way to see corruption on one of those is to replicate a 
> corrupt block.

Part of the design is that pg_basebackup would verify checksums during
replication, so we should not replicate corrupt blocks (of course,
that's not implemented yet, so it's still a concern for now).

And we can also have ways to do background/offline checksum verification
with a separate utility.

        Jeff Davis

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