I'm initialize data dir with use ru_RU.UTF8, but this databse use CP1251, ie 
one byte per character.

19.12.2012, 21:47, "Tom Lane" <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us>:
> "Kevin Grittner" <kgri...@mail.com> writes:
>>  Groshev Andrey wrote:
>>    Mismatch of relation names: database "database", old rel 
>> public.lob.ВерсияВнешнегоДокумента$Документ_pkey, new rel 
>> public.plob.ВерсияВнешнегоДокумента$Документ
>>  There is a limit on identifiers of 63 *bytes* (not characters)
>>  after which the name is truncated. In UTF8 encoding, the underscore
>>  would be in the 64th position.
> Hmm ... that is a really good point, except that you are not counting
> the "lob." or "plob." part, which we previously saw is part of the
> relation name not the schema name.  Counting that part, it's already
> overlimit, which seems to be proof that Andrey isn't using UTF8 but
> some single-byte encoding.
> Anyway, that would only explain the issue if pg_upgrade were somehow
> changing the database encoding, which surely we'd have heard complaints
> about already?  Or maybe this has something to do with pg_upgrade's
> client-side encoding rather than the server encoding...
>                         regards, tom lane

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