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* Tom Lane ( wrote:
> Another thing I was wondering about, but did not change, is that if we're
> having the remote transaction inherit the local transaction's isolation
> level, shouldn't it inherit the READ ONLY property as well?

Apologies for bringing this up pretty late, but wrt writable FDW
transaction levels, I was *really* hoping that we'd be able to implement
autonomous transactions on top of writeable FDWs.  It looks like there's
no way to do this using the postgres_fdw due to it COMMIT'ing only when
the client transaction commits.  Would it be possible to have a simply
function which could be called to say "commit the transaction on the
foreign side for this server/table/connection/whatever"?  A nice
addition on top of that would be able to define 'auto-commit' for a
given table or server.

I'll try and find time to work on this, but I'd love feedback on if this
is possible and where the landmines are.



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