> That's kind of my point. :) That 14GB isn't allocated to cache, buffers,
> any process, or anything else. It's just... free. In the middle of the
> day, where 800 PG threads are pulling 7000TPS on average. Based on that
> scenario, I'd like to think it would cache pretty aggressively, but
> instead, it's just leaving 14GB around to do absolutely nothing.
> It makes me sad. :(

Yeah, this is why I want to go to Linux Plumbers this year.  The
Kernel.org engineers are increasingly doing things which makes Linux
unsuitable for applications which depend on the filesystem.  There is a
good, but sad, reason for this: IBM and Oracle and their partners are
the largest employers of people hacking on core Linux memory/IO
functionality, and both of those companies use DirectIO extensively in
their products.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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