>>   in a way, we client terminal wont hangup by throwing  *The connection to 
> the server was lost. Attempting reset: Failed. !*
> The thing is that this just should not be a routine occurrence. It's a
> minor irritation to me when debugging sometimes, but it's not something
> that you should be encountering in production. If you are, changing
> psql's reconnect behaviour is not necessarily the best solution. I'd try
> to work out why you're having so many unrecoverable disconnects and
> restarts and fix that instead.
Yes, I think so. This is very rare case, and won't have any affect in 
Initially, IMO, I thought no harm if PSQL client wait for few seconds till 
server recovered properly and ready to accept connection.

Any way, I will follow-up your suggestion. 

Thank you for sharing your concerns and explaining me actual needed things. 

Amul Sul

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