On 5/30/13 8:50 AM, Stephen Frost wrote:
I don't think this solves the locking issue around the
relation extention lock, but it might help some and it may make it
easier to tweak that logic to allocate larger chunks in the future.

It might make it a bit faster, but it doesn't make it any easier to implement. The messy part of extending relations in larger chunks is how to communicate that back into the buffer manager usefully. The extension path causing trouble is RelationGetBufferForTuple calling ReadBufferBI. All of that is passing a single buffer around. There's no simple way I can see to rewrite it to handle more than one at a time.

I have a test case for relation extension that I'm going to package up soon. That makes it easy to see where the problem is at. Far as I can tell the reason it hasn't been fixed before now is that it's a pain to write the code.

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