On 6/7/13 2:43 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
name.  What I would like to see is a single number here in memory units that
replaces both checkpoint_segments and wal_keep_segments.

This isn't really making sense to me.  I don't think we should assume
that someone who wants to keep WAL around for replication also wants
to wait longer between checkpoints.  Those are two quite different

It's been years since I saw anyone actually using checkpoint_segments as that sort of limit. I see a lot of sites pushing the segments limit up and then using checkpoint_timeout carefully. It's pretty natural to say "I don't want to go more than X minutes between checkpoints". The case for wanting to say "I don't want to go more than X MB between checkpoints" instead, motivated by not wanting too much activity to queue between them, I'm just not seeing demand for that now.

The main reason I do see people paying attention to checkpoint_segments still is to try and put a useful bound on WAL disk space usage. That's the use case I think overlaps with wal_keep_segments such that you might replace both of them. I think we really only need one control that limits how much WAL space is expected inside of pg_xlog, and it should be easy and obvious how to set it.

The more I look at this checkpoint_segments patch, the more I wonder why it's worth even bothering with anything but a disk space control here. checkpoint_segments is turning into an internal implementation detail most sites I see wouldn't miss at all. Rather than put work into autotuning it, I'd be happy to eliminate checkpoint_segments altogther, in favor of a WAL disk space limit.

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