> I'm looking into this patch as a reviewer.

I'd appreciate your time to review.

I've had some suggestions so far,

 - I should be cautious in changing existing interface.

  You're right. It was somehow gone out of my mind. It might be
  better to provide a separate function from the compatibility
  view despite the loss of the pertinence to stay in this
  extension. However, it is too small to be a standalone

  On the other hand the newly-added-column-to-the-tail could be
  said to be harmless for the most cases considering the usage of
  this extension, I suppose.

 - Historical note is needed in pg_freespace doc.

  Agreed, I'll provide documents not only for freespace, but for
  other modules I'll touch in this patch later.

 - How about pageinspect?

  I proposed a simple representation format as a basis for
  discussion. Nevertheless, the VM pages has no more structure
  than a simple bit string. Given the VM info in pg_freespacemap,
  I've come in doubt of the necessity of vm_page_contnets() for
  the reason besides the orthogonality in the this extension's
  interface (which paid no attention before:-).

 - How about pgstattuple?

  It could even be said to be meaningful to add the number of
  not-all-visible pages or the ratio of it in the total pages..

   | postgres=# select * from pgstattuple('t');
   | -[ RECORD 1 ]----------------+---------
   | table_len                    | 88711168
   | tuple_count                  | 600001
   | tuple_len                    | 26400044
   | tuple_percent                | 29.76
   | dead_tuple_count             | 399999
   | dead_tuple_len               | 17599956
   | dead_tuple_percent           | 19.84
   | free_space                   | 33607960
   | free_percent                 | 37.88
   + not_all_visible_page_percent | 23.54

# This column name looks too long, though.

  In addition, the discussion above about the stability of the
  interface is also applicable to this.

Any suggestions?


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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