On 29 June 2013 17:30, Jeff Davis <pg...@j-davis.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 2013-06-24 at 18:01 +0100, Nicholas White wrote:
>> Good catch - I've attached a patch to address your point 1. It now
>> returns the below (i.e. correctly doesn't fill in the saved value if
>> the index is out of the window. However, I'm not sure whether (e.g.)
>> lead-2-ignore-nulls means count forwards two rows, and if that's null
>> use the last one you've seen (the current implementation) or count
>> forwards two non-null rows (as you suggest). The behaviour isn't
>> specified in a (free) draft of the 2003 standard
>> (http://www.wiscorp.com/sql_2003_standard.zip), and I don't have
>> access to the (non-free) final version. Could someone who does have
>> access to it clarify this? I've also added your example to the
>> regression test cases.
> Reading a later version of the draft, it is specified, but is still
> slightly unclear.
> As I see it, the standard describes the behavior in terms of eliminating
> the NULL rows entirely before applying the offset. This matches Troels's
> interpretation. Are you aware of any implementations that do something
> different?
>> I didn't include this functionality for the first / last value window
>> functions as their implementation is currently a bit different; they
>> just call WinGetFuncArgInFrame to pick out a single value. Making
>> these functions respect nulls would involve changing the single lookup
>> to a walk through the tuples to find the first non-null version, and
>> keeping track of this index in a struct in the context. As this change
>> is reasonably orthogonal I was going to submit it as a separate patch.
> Sounds good.

I took a quick look at this and I think there are still a few problems:

1). The ignore/respect nulls flag needs to be per-window-function
data, not a window frame option, because the same window may be shared
by multiple window function calls. For example, the following test
causes a crash:

       lead(val, 2) IGNORE NULLS OVER w,
       lead(val, 2) RESPECT NULLS OVER w
  FROM unnest(ARRAY[1,2,3,4,NULL, NULL, NULL, 5, 6, 7]) AS val
WINDOW w as ();

The connection to the server was lost. Attempting reset: Failed.

2). As Troels Nielsen said up-thread, I think this should throw a
FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED error if it is used for window functions that
don't support it, rather than silently ignoring the flag.

3). Similarly, the parser accepts ignore/respect nulls for arbitrary
aggregate functions over a window, so maybe this should also throw a
FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED error. Alternatively, it might be trivial to
make all aggregate functions work with ignore nulls in a window
context, simply by using the existing code for strict aggregate
transition functions. That might be quite handy to support things like
array_agg(val) IGNORE NULLS OVER(...).


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