While looking at complaints from the Coverity scanner system, it looks
  like it's detected a case in ECPG where we provide a "day-of-year"
  format option (%j), but we never actually calculate what the day of
  year *is*, resulting in an uninitialized value.

  Other parts of the code (non-ECPG) appears to realize that timestamp2tm
  doesn't fill in day-of-year in the struct and they calculate it
  afterwards.  Perhaps ECPG needs to adopt that approach also, perhaps
  either in dttofmtasc_replace() or PGTYPEStimestamp_fmt_asc()..?

  I was able to get what I believe is an incorrect result through a bit
  of hacking on the ECPG test cases:

  timestamp_fmt_asc: 0: 10922-abc%

  after adding:

    out = (char*) malloc(32);
    i = PGTYPEStimestamp_fmt_asc(&ts1, out, 31, "%j-abc%%");
    printf("timestamp_fmt_asc: %d: %s\n", i, out);

  into pgtypeslib/dt_test.pgc.

  If you don't have time to look into this, let me know and I'll try and
  get back to it soon.



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