On 7/17/13 2:31 AM, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
./pgbench -p 5433 -S -T 10 -R 10000 test
average rate limit lag: 862.534 ms (max 2960.913 ms)
tps = 7133.745911 (including connections establishing)
tps = 7135.130810 (excluding connections establishing)

What does "average rate limit lag" mean?

The whole concept of "lag" with the rate limit is complicated. At one point I thought this should be a debugging detail, rather than exposing the user to it.

The problem is that if you do that, you might not notice that your limit failed to work as expected. Maybe it's good enough in a case like this that the user will see they tried to limit at 10000, but they only got 7135, so something must not have worked as expected.

Tatsuo: most of my tests were on Mac OS and Linux, I actually tested the Mac version a lot more than any other here. I didn't do any testing on Windows.

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