* Greg Smith ( wrote:
> That seems easy enough to do here, Heikki's test script is
> excellent. The latest patch Hari posted on July 2 has one hunk that
> doesn't apply anymore now.  Inside
> src/backend/utils/adt/pg_lzcompress.c the patch tries to change this
> code:
> -               if (hent)
> +               if (hentno != INVALID_ENTRY)

hentno certainly doesn't make much sense here- it's only used at the top
of the function to keep things a bit cleaner when extracting the address
into hent from hist_entries:

    hentno = hstart[pglz_hist_idx(input, end, mask)];
    hent = &hist_entries[hentno];

Indeed, as the referenced conditional is inside the following loop:

while (hent != INVALID_ENTRY_PTR)

and, since hentno == 0 implies hent == INVALID_ENTRY_PTR, the
conditional would never fail (which is what was happening prior to
Heikki commiting the fix for this, changing the conditional to what is

> But that line looks like this now:
>                 if (hent != INVALID_ENTRY_PTR)

Right, this is correct- it's useful to check the new value for hent
after it's been updated by:

hent = hent->next;

and see if it's possible to drop out early.

> I'm not sure if different error handling may be needed here now due
> the commit that changed this, or if the patch wasn't referring to
> the right type of error originally.

I've not looked at anything regarding this beyond this email, but I'm
pretty confident that the change Heikki committed was the correct one.



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