On 6/24/13 12:57 PM, Josh Berkus wrote:
Maciej is correct that this policy also belongs on the "how to submit a
patch" wiki page.  I will remedy that.

I just reviewed and heavily updated the new section you added to https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Submitting_a_Patch That included the idea that the reviewed patch should be similar in size/scope to the submitted one, as well a slightly deeper discussion of how to fit this work into a feature review quote.

I find myself needing to explain this whole subject to potential feature sponsors enough that I've tried a few ways of describing it. The closest analog I've found so far is the way "carbon offset" work is accounted for. I sometimes refer to the mutual review as an "offsetting review" in conversation, and I threw that term into the guidelines as well.

As far as motivating new reviewers goes, let's talk about positive feedback. Anything that complicates the release notes is a non-starter because that resource is tightly controlled by a small number of people, and it's trying to satisfy a lot of purposes. What I would like to see is an official but simple "Review Leaderboard" for each release instead.

Each time someone writes a review and adds it to CF app with a "Review" entry, the account that entered it gets a point. Sum the points at the end and there's your weighted list for T-shirt prizes. It should be possible to get that count with a trivial SELECT query out of the CF database, and then produce a simple HTML table at the end of each CF or release. Anything that takes more work than that, and anything that takes *any* time that must come from a committer, is too much accounting.

This idea would be a bit unfair to people who review big patches instead of little ones. But an approach that disproportionately rewards new contributors working on small things isn't that terrible. As long as the review tests whether the code compiles and passes the regression tests, that's good enough to deserve a point. I'd be happy if we suddenly had a problem where people were doing only that to try game their leaderboard ranking.

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