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* Josh Berkus (j...@agliodbs.com) wrote:
I really think this is the wrong approach.  If we start removing
"unsafe" parameters from ALTER SYSTEM SET, we basically hobble the
feature to the point of uselessness.  Out of the 15 or so parameters 80%
of our users touch, half of them are on your "unsafe" list.

Reflecting on this a bit more, I'm curious what your list-of-15 is.

You can get a top 15-ish list from https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Tuning_Your_PostgreSQL_Server

The list of things I see changed regularly that are on your unsafe list are:

listen_addresses, port, shared_buffers, log_directory, log_filename

Obvious missing thing from your unsafe list that is also changed regularly is max_connection. I count 6 parameters that are both unsafe and changed regularly.

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