On 9/1/13 9:38 AM, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
To phrase it differently: We already have RLS. It's shipped as an
extension called Veil. Now please explain what's wrong with that
statement, if anything.

Veil was last updated for 9.1 to work against that version, so the first thing is that it's two versions back from being current.

The main improvement for a few now core features, compared to their external/extension predecessors, is that they go through a real review process. I suspect a lot of the criticisms being lobbied against the core RLS feature would also hit Veil if it were evaluated to the same standard.

Regardless, I'm seeing a few review themes pop up from this thread:

-Comparison against the Veil feature set.
-Competitive review against industry expectations, AKA "checkbox" compliance. -Confirm feature set is useful to government security clearance applications and multi-tenant applications. There's also a secured web application use case that's popped up a few times too; KaiGai has used secured Apache installs for example.
-Summary of known covert channels, with documentation coverage.
-Assess odds of this implementation's future issues turning into security bugs. My personal hotspot here is that I'd like minimal code exposure to people who don't use this feature at all. Are there parts here that should be compile time enabled?

Of course those are all on top of the usual code quality review. Did I miss any big themes on that list?

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