In my practice I quite often face the problem of bloated tables. I
usually use pgstattuple to perform investigations. I also create a
tool that uses UPDATEs based way to smoothly remove bloat
(https://github.com/grayhemp/pgtoolkit), and it partially depends on
pgstatuple too. To be more precise it gets much more effective with

Sometimes its installation leads to a headache, because it requires an
approve from security and admins, it also a problem when I have a
read-only access or no access to the database at all (eg. when
consulting somebody by IM or phone). I think I am not the only person
who faced these nuances.

According to this I would like to know if it is possible to move
pgstattuple to core? And if it is I would like to request this

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Sergey Konoplev
PostgreSQL Consultant and DBA

+1 (415) 867-9984, +7 (901) 903-0499, +7 (988) 888-1979

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