On 10/09/2013 11:47 PM, Amit Kapila wrote:

    One of the advantage, I could see using "NULL For .." syntax is
that already we have one syntax with which user can specify what
strings can be replaced with NULL, now just to handle quoted empty
string why to add different syntax.

"FORCE_NULL" has advantage that it can be used for some columns rather
than all columns, but I think for that existing syntax can also be
modified to support it.

I think it's badly designed on its face. We don't need and shouldn't provide a facility for different NULL markers. A general facility for that would be an ugly an quite pointless addition to code complexity. What we need is simply a way of altering one specific behaviour, namely the treatment of quoted NULL markers. We should not do that by allowing munging the NULL marker per column, but by a syntactical mechanism that directly addresses the change in behaviour. If you don't like "FORCE NULL" then let's pick something else, but not this ugly and unnecessary "NULL FOR" gadget.



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