On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 7:20 PM, Sameer Thakur <samthaku...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Please find patch attached which adds documentation for session_start
> and introduced fields and corrects documentation for queryid to be
> query_id. session_start remains in the view as agreed.

Thanks for updating the document!

I'm not clear about the use case of 'session_start' and 'introduced' yet.
Could you elaborate it? Maybe we should add that explanation into
the document?

In my test, I found that pg_stat_statements.total_time always indicates a zero.
I guess that the patch might handle pg_stat_statements.total_time wrongly.

+        values[i++] = DatumGetTimestamp(
+            instr_get_timestamptz(pgss->session_start));
+        values[i++] = DatumGetTimestamp(
+            instr_get_timestamptz(entry->introduced));

These should be executed only when detected_version >= PGSS_TUP_LATEST?

+      <entry><structfield>session_start</structfield></entry>
+      <entry><type>text</type></entry>
+      <entry></entry>
+      <entry>Start time of a statistics session.</entry>
+     </row>
+     <row>
+      <entry><structfield>introduced</structfield></entry>
+      <entry><type>text</type></entry>

The data type of these columns is not text.

+    instr_time  session_start;
+    uint64        private_stat_session_key;

it's better to add the comments explaining these fields.

+    microsec = INSTR_TIME_GET_MICROSEC(t) -

HAVE_INT64_TIMESTAMP should be considered here.

+    if (log_cannot_read)
+        ereport(LOG,
+                (errcode_for_file_access(),
+                 errmsg("could not read pg_stat_statement file \"%s\": %m",
+                        PGSS_DUMP_FILE)));

Is it better to use WARNING instead of LOG as the log level here?

+            /*
+             * The role calling this function is unable to see
+             * sensitive aspects of this tuple.
+             *
+             * Nullify everything except the "insufficient privilege"
+             * message for this entry
+             */
+            memset(nulls, 1, sizeof nulls);
+            nulls[i]  = 0;
+            values[i] = CStringGetTextDatum("<insufficient privilege>");

Why do we need to hide *all* the fields in pg_stat_statements, when
it's accessed by improper user? This is a big change of pg_stat_statements
behavior, and it might break the compatibility.

>> >This is not directly related to the patch itself, but why does the
>> > queryid
>> >need to be calculated based on also the "statistics session"?
>   If we expose hash value of query tree, without using statistics session,
> it is possible that users might make wrong assumption that this value
> remains stable across version upgrades, when in reality it depends on
> whether the version has make changes to query tree internals. So to
> explicitly ensure that users do not make this wrong assumption, hash value
> generation use statistics session id, which is newly created under
> situations described above.

So, ISTM that we can use, for example, the version number to calculate
the query_id. Right?


Fujii Masao

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