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> (2013/10/13 0:14), Amit Kapila wrote:
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>>> But maybe pglz is just not a good fit for this, it really
>>> isn't a very good algorithm in this day and aage.
> +1. This compression algorithm is needed more faster than pglz which is like
> general compression algorithm, to avoid the CPU bottle-neck. I think pglz
> doesn't have good performance, and it is like fossil compression algorithm.
> So we need to change latest compression algorithm for more better future.
>> Do you think that if WAL reduction or performance with other
>> compression algorithm (for ex. snappy)  is better, then chances of
>> getting the new compression algorithm in postresql will be more?
> Latest compression algorithms papers(also snappy) have indecated. I think it
> is enough to select algorithm. It may be also good work in postgres.

Snappy is good mainly for un-compressible data, see the link below:

I think it is bit difficult to prove that any one algorithm is best
for all kind of loads.

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