On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 09:41:20PM -0400, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> I wonder whether it was ever consciously decided what the dependency
> relationship between libpgport and libpgcommon would be.  When I added
> asprintf(), I had intuitively figured that libpgport would be the lower
> layer, and so psprintf() in libpgcommon depends on vasprintf() in
> libpgport.  I still think that is sound.  But working through the
> buildfarm issues now it turns out that wait_result_to_str() in libpgport
> depends on pstrdup() in libpgcommon.  That doesn't seem ideal.  I think
> in this case we could move wait_error.c to libpgcommon.  But I would
> like to know what the consensus on the overall setup is.

Interesting.  I, too, would have figured that libpgport is lower-level,
because any higher-level library might need the libc functions it replaces.
Moving wait_error.c to libpgcommon makes sense.  dirmod.c perhaps deserves a
split into libpgcommon parts (e.g. pgfnames()) and libpgport parts
(e.g. pgrename()).  Hopefully there's not much more.


Noah Misch
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