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> On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 4:58 AM, Thomas Munro <mu...@ip9.org> wrote:
> > Hi
> > I noticed that CLUSTER doesn't have a FREEZE option.  Here is a patch to
> add
> > that, for consistency with VACUUM.  Is it useful?
> I wonder why anyone would like to freeze during CLUSTER command when
> they already have separate way (VACUUM FREEZE) to achieve it, do you
> know or can think of any case where user wants to do it along with
> Cluster command?

As others have said, the goal is to freeze and cluster in a single step.
 You can already do that if you know how things work under the covers with:

SET vacuum_freeze_min_age = 0;
CLUSTER my_table;

This patch lets you say CLUSTER FREEZE instead.  It mirrors VACUUM, which
can freeze tuples based on the GUC and tuple age or the FREEZE keyword.

> Anyway code side, I think you need to set both feeze_min_age as well
> as freeze_table_age, see VACUUM command in gram.y

Ok, I attach a new version that is more like VACUUM in gram.y.  (Although
I'm not sure why it isn't a single boolean flag).

Thomas Munro

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