On 19 Sep 2002 at 11:19, Johnson, Shaunn wrote:

> --howdy:
> --not that the process is doing a lot or taking up
> --a lot of resources, it's just something
> --that i allow the users to kill and then
> --it get's passed to me for correction if the
> --simple 'kill <pid>' thing doesn't work.
> --what i'm trying to understand is if there
> --is a way to do this without having to restart
> --the database (remember, it's still production)
> --everytime there is a runaway process AND not
> --kill -9 <pid>.
> --how can i do this?

I did a quick 'grep -rin' on postgresql source code I have(CVS, a week old). 
Looks like postgresql backend is ignoring the SISPIPE which is delivered to 
backend process when other end is closed. Obviously this is going to cause 
hanging back-ends.

I guess a backend should terminate as if connection is closed. What say? 


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