I am doing a small project in Postgress where i have to achieve the

Suppose i know the index name(lets say index1) and the relation(table1) on
which partial index to has to be build. 

I was looking through the code and found that IndexStmt-->whereClause is the
one that i need to populate manually . 

As of know i am successful in creating index by giving a call to Method
DefineIndex of indexcmds.c that creates a index on the relation, but this
index is not an partial index.

I found that DefineIndex takes *Expr *predicate* as an parameter which
specifies that partial index has to be built. This predicate is nothing but 
*IndexStmt-->whereClause *

So is there a way to populate manually IndexStmt-->whereClause 

An example of partial index that i need is if my My table1 schema is (a int
,b int ,c int) 

index on c where a is null, b is null and c is not null

Thanks in advance


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