On 30 October 2013 07:55, Leonardo Francalanci <m_li...@yahoo.it> wrote:
>> Hmm, you realise Alvaro is working on MinMax indexes in this release?
>> They are very efficient with regard to index inserts and specially
>> designed for use on large tables.
>> Prior work by Heikki on Grouped Item Tuples was a way of reducing the
>> size of indexes, yet still allowing uniqueness checks. That is
>> implemented in SQLServer already and is very useful.
> Reading the implementation of those features, I don't think they can help in 
> the cases handled by the index types I mentioned (insertions of random values 
> in big tables).

Presumably the data you are inserting isn't actually random. Please
describe the use case you are considering in more detail and some view
on how frequent that is, with some examples. Once we understand the
use case and agree it is important, we might solve problems.

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