Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> ... So, perhaps, instead of having the code
> check session_timezone explicitely, have the caller pass it down.

> This consideration probably shouldn't drive a backpatchable fix,
> however.

Well, it's impossible to do that in a back-patchable way, I'm afraid,
because wouldn't you have to pass all three of

Actually, it strikes me there might be another way to do this, which is to
get rid of HasCTZSet/CTimeZone entirely in favor of consing up some pseudo
pg_tz structure that represents the desired semantics when we want a
"brute force" setting.  I think this code is all leftover from a time when
we used the libc timezone routines and did not have a cozy relationship
with the tz representation --- but that's ancient history now.  Let me
go look at that idea.  It might break external code that looks directly
at HasCTZSet/CTimeZone, but I'll bet there isn't any.

                        regards, tom lane

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