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> Hello,
> For as long as I can remember I have heard complaints about the fact that
> pg_dump doesn't use a backup format that is supported by the pg_restore
> program. At every single talk that I give that talks about pg_dump, the
> people in the majority of the audience agrees that this is rather silly and
> a barrier to usability.
> The only counter argument I have heard is that it adds an extra step for
> developers to get the SQL that generates a database. That to me is a weak
> argument as pg_dump is a production/admin too, first, not a developer tool.
> I humbly request on behalf of those who manage production postgresql
> instances that we change the default backup file format from -Fp to -Fc.

The main reason for keeping plain I guess goes with the fact that we
sent it to stdout by default, which really doesn't lend itself to the
custom format.

I'm a bit worried about it breaking peoples scripts as well, if they
pipe the output. In particular when doing a partial dump of say a
sigle table or such, and in my experience that's mostly done in
pipe-mode, which would break.

Though I have to say I like the idea in general :)

Maybe we could consider changing the default format if -f is specified
to write it directly to a file. OTOH, hat might just make it

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