Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> [ mark unaccent functions immutable ]

> Applied.

This patch is flat out wrong and needs to be reverted.

The functions were correctly marked (by you!) in commit
c0577c92a84cc477a88fe6868c16c4a7e3348b11 on the basis of the discussion of
bug #5781,
which was a request exactly like this one and was denied for good and
sufficient reasons.  There was absolutely no reasoning given in this
thread that explained why we should ignore the previous objections.

In particular, marking the single-argument version of unaccent() as
immutable is the height of folly because its behavior depends on the
setting of search_path.  Changing the two-argument function is maybe
a bit more debatable, but that's not what you did.

If we were going to change the behavior, this patch would still be wrong
because it fails to provide an upgrade path.  The objections saying you
needed a 1.1 migration script were completely correct.

                        regards, tom lane

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