Josh Berkus wrote
> Well, then we just need pg_restore to handle the "role already exists"
> error message gracefully.  That's all.  Or a "CREATE ROLE IF NOT EXISTS"
> statement, and use that for roles.

My only qualm here is if the exists check is based off of role name only. 
If database "A" and database "B" came from different clusters but both have
a role "david" the actual identity of "david" is (could be) different
because the source cluster.

The risk of such occurring is a high-security situation is likely to be
small but some kind of "--ignore-different-cluster-same-role" flag may be
worthwhile such that pg_restore will error unless that flag is set (i.e.,
high security by default).  The error itself should be rare enough most
people wouldn't even notice it is there but seeing such an error (with a
hint provided as well) would be easily able to disable and continue on with
the restore.

David J.

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