On 11/16/2013 03:09 PM, Marko Kreen wrote:
On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 02:54:22PM -0800, Adrian Klaver wrote:
On 11/16/2013 02:41 PM, Marko Kreen wrote:
If you don't see any other issues perhaps they are ready for committer?

I do not have any other questions/issues at this point. I am new to
the review process, so I am not quite sure how it proceeds from

Simple - just click on "edit patch" on commitfest page and change
patch status to "ready for committer".  Then committers will know
that they should look at the patch.

Done for both:

SSL: better default ciphersuite
SSL: prefer server cipher order

Thanks for helping me through the process.

Adrian Klaver

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