On 12 November 2013 20:54, Nigel Heron <nhe...@querymetrics.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 11:47 AM, Devrim GÜNDÜZ <dev...@gunduz.org> wrote:
>> http://svn.pgrpms.org/browser/rpm/redhat/9.3/postgresql/F-19/postgresql-9.3.service
>>  is an example of what we use in the RPMs. (if website fails, please just 
>> reload)
>> Attached is a modified version that will work with the compile defaults.

> Hi, should we put PGPORT in the systemd file without an easy way to override 
> it?
> As an example, when yum updating minor versions on fedora 18 (using
> the yum.postgresql.org rpms), any changes to the systemd service file
> are overwritten by the new rpm and the port is forced back to 5432.
> This makes having pg9.2 and pg9.3 on the same box conflict after each
> minor version update.

IIRC there's a "%config(noreplace)" directive in the .spec that can
cause the new file to be saved with an extension (.rpmnew?) instead of
overwriting the old one.

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