On 13 November 2013 03:17 David Johnston wrote,

> Having had this same thought WRT the "FOR UPDATE in LOOP" bug posting
> the lack of a listing of outstanding bugs does leave some gaps.  I
> would imagine people would appreciate something like:
> Frequency: Rare
> Severity: Low
> Fix Complexity: Moderate
> Work Around: Easy - create an actual function; create some form of loop
> Status: Confirmed - Awaiting Volunteers to Fix

This problem is fixed as explained below..

1. Created own simple_eval_estate for every Do block in plpgsql_inline_handler 
and Freed it after the execution is finished.
2. While executing the simple expression if func->simple_eval_estate is not 
null (means its Do block) then use this otherwise use globle one.

Patch is attached in the mail.

Please let me know whether this approach is fine or not ?



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