> John Buckman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > It seems that with larger database sizes (500,000 rows and larger) and
> > high stress, the server daemon has a tendency to core.

> We'd love to see some stack traces ...

Yeah, I just didn't know what form this list prefers in terms of info to be able to 
work on things, which is why I'd prefer to hire a regular participant of this list.  
If gcc 'where' stack traces from core files are what you want, we can do that.  

I suspect that the problems may be platform-or-build related, because we've often had 
trouble replicating customer problems on our own sysems. For example, we had many 
reports of problems with 7.2.x, and saw it crash often on a customer's redhat machine 
that we had ssh access to, but couldn't make it crash in our own lab. :(  That's why 
we need help.  If we could make a simple C test case that crashed pgsql, I'm sure you 
guys could fix the problem in a jiffym but localizing and recreating a problem is 
always 80% of it.


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