I have updated /HISTORY for 7.3beta2.  Looking at the open items list, I
think we are ready for beta2 now.


                               P O S T G R E S Q L

                          7 . 3  O P E N    I T E M S

Current at ftp://candle.pha.pa.us/pub/postgresql/open_items.

Source Code Changes
Schema handling - ready? interfaces? client apps?
Drop column handling - ready for all clients, apps?
Fix BeOS, QNX4 ports
Fix AIX large file compile failure of 2002-09-11 (Andreas)
Get bison upgrade on postgresql.org for ecpg only (Marc)
Fix vacuum btree bug (Tom)
Fix client apps for autocommit = off
Fix clusterdb to be schema-aware
Change log_min_error_statement to be off by default (Gavin)
Fix return tuple counts/oid/tag for rules
Loading 7.2 pg_dumps
        functions no longer public executable
        languages no longer public usable
Add schema dump option to pg_dump
Add param for length check for char()/varchar()
Fix $libdir in loaded functions?
Make SET not start a transaction with autocommit off, document it
Add GRANT EXECUTE to all /contrib functions

On Going
Security audit

Documentation Changes
Document need to add permissions to loaded functions and languages
Move documation to gborg for moved projects

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