On 24 November 2013 03:04 David Rowley wrote:
>I've done a quick benchmark on this this morning.
>Note that I'm using windows here and I used powershell to time the regression 
>run with the following command:
>PS D:\Postgres\b\src\tools\msvc> Measure-Command { .\vcregress.bat check }
>I ran the tests 10 times each.
>I ran the patched version first, then just did git reset --hard to revert the 
>patched changes then I ran the tests again.
>The average and median results over the 10 runs are as follows:
>             Patched               Unpatched         Time increased by
>Average            48.23265888       47.70979854       101.10%
>Median              47.8993686          47.51177815       100.82%
>The slowdown is not too bad. It just around 1% increase of time.
>I've attached the results in spreadsheet format.

Thanks  for the review and benchmark test.

Hari babu.

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