Just an FYI - this kind of thing would be a *great* feature addition to the generic 
PostgresSQL release.  We at Lyris often hear that "postgressql is very slow, and the 
files are getting larger" and then "wow! it's so much faster now that we're regularly 
vacuuming!" after we let them know about this need (the RPM install of PostgresSQL is 
so easy that most people don't read any docs).  Automatic maintenance of database 
tables is a Good Thing (tm) and would make more people we introduce to pgsql favorably 
disposed toward it.


> I have written a small daemon that can automatically vacuum PostgreSQL 
> database, depending upon activity per table.

> It sits on top of postgres statistics collector. The postgres installation 
> should have per row statistics collection enabled.

> Features are,

> * Vacuuming based on activity on the table
> * Per table vacuum. So only heavily updated tables are vacuumed.
> * multiple databases supported
> * Performs 'vacuum analyze' only, so it will not block the database

> The project location is 
> http://gborg.postgresql.org/project/pgavd/projdisplay.php

> Let me know for bugs/improvements and comments.. 

> I am sure real world postgres installations has some sort of scripts doing 
> similar thing. This is an attempt to provide a generic interface to periodic 
> vacuum.

> Bye
> Shridhar

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