Hi Royes,

I'm sorry for my late review...

I feel potential of your patch in PG replication function, and it might be something useful for all people. I check your patch and have some comment for improvement. I haven't executed detail of unexpected sutuation yet. But I think that under following problem2 is important functionality problem. So I ask you to solve the problem in first.

* Regress test
No problem.

* Problem1
Your patch does not code recovery.conf.sample about recovery_time_delay.
Please add it.

* Problem2
When I set time-delayed standby and start standby server, I cannot access stanby server by psql. It is because PG is in first starting recovery which cannot access by psql. I think that time-delayed standby is only delayed recovery position, it must not affect other functionality.

I didn't test recoevery in master server with recovery_time_delay. If you have detail test result of these cases, please send me.

My first easy review of your patch is that all.

Mitsumasa KONDO
NTT Open Source Software Center

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