On 12/01/2013 02:59 AM, mohsen soodkhah mohammadi wrote:
in name.c file in source code of postgresql
I find some fuctions that I don't know where did use them?
the functions are:
int namecpy(Name n1, Name n2){..}
int namecat(Name n1, Name n2){..}
int namecmp(Name n1, Name n2){..}
int namestrcpy(Name name, const char *str){..}
int namestrcat(Name name, const char *str){..}
also before some of these functions became the #ifdef NOT_USED
when NOT_USED is set?and why it set?

It's never defined, of course, or else the name would be a lie. That means this is essentially dead code which we haven't removed for some reason.

If you want to find out where something is used, grep -r is one way to look. ctags is another. Each developer has his/her own way of doing tasks like this.



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