Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> No. The new files are:
>> expected/earthdistance.out (which you metion above)
>> sql/earthdistance.sql

> OK, here's what I see now in CVS:

>       #$ pwd
>       /pgtop/contrib/earthdistance
>       #$ lf
>       CVS/                    README.earthdistance    earthdistance.out
>       Makefile                earthdistance.c

> What should be changed?

The earthdistance.out file should be in an expected/ subdirectory, not
directly in the contrib/earthdistance directory.  Also, there is a
missing regression input script file earthdistance.sql (this is not
related to, which should be in a sql/

                        regards, tom lane

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