On 12/03/2013 05:44 PM, Vasily Soshnikov wrote:
I need advise about where is best place for adding such features.

Currently I found that 'postmaster' have event loop(including handling
SIGHUP) inside PostgressMain(postgress.c)  for realoding configuration
file, based on my investigation my plan is handling ldap events just before

PS I guess tomorrow I will start implement this feature inside
'postmaster', but before I start I wish to know expert opinion about where
are most good place for dispatching of incomming messages(about
configuration has changed etc) from the ldap.

postmaster is kept very small on purpose, because if that process dies, it will take the whole server down with it. I'd suggest writing a custom background worker that talks with the ldap server. It can then write the changes to the configuration files, and send SIGHUP to reload.

- Heikki

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