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> On 12/03/2013 12:15 PM, Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
> > We are in no way different and I would like to note that we do not have
> > any form of sensible performance related regression testing either.
> > I would even argue that there is ton more regression testing (be it
> > performance or otherwise) going into the linux kernel (even on a
> > relative scale) than we do and pointing the finger at something they are
> > dealing with once noticed.
> > If we care about our performance on various operating systems it is
> > _OUR_ responsibility to track that closely and automated and report back
> > and only if that feedback loop fails to work we are actually in a real
> > position to consider something as drastical as considering a platform
> > "undependable" or looking into alternatives (like directIO).
> Would certainly be nice.  Realistically, getting good automated
> performace tests will require paying someone like Greg S., Mark or me
> for 6 solid months to develop them, since worthwhile open source
> performance test platforms currently don't exist.  That money has never
> been available; maybe I should do a kickstarter.
So in order to get *testing* we need to pay somebody. But to build a great
database server, we can rely on volunteer efforts or sponsorship from
companies who are interested in moving the project forward? That hardly
seems right...  Either it's just not high enough on peoples priority lists
(in which case you're not likely to get anybody to actually pay for it
either), or there is some other reason why people just don't care. Figuring
that out would probably be a pre-requisite to get it done. But sure - I'm
all for trying a kickstarter. Did anybody ever try that for an actual
postgres feature? Didn't JD and/or cmd and/or pgus at some point try
something like that?

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