On Mon, May  6, 2013 at 11:51:47PM -0700, Christoph Berg wrote:
> "make check" supports EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS to pass extra options to
> pg_regress, but all the other places where pg_regress is used do not
> allow this. The attached patch adds EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS to
> Makefile.global.in (for contrib modules) and two more special
> Makefiles (isolation and pg_upgrade).
> The use case here is that Debian needs to be able to redirect the unix
> socket directory used to /tmp, because /var/run/postgresql isn't
> writable for the buildd user. The matching part for this inside
> pg_regress is still in discussion here, but the addition of
> EXTRA_REGRESS_OPTS is an independent step that is also useful for
> others, so I'd like to propose it for inclusion.

Thanks, patch applied.  This will appear in PG 9.4.  I suppose we could
backpatch this but I would need community feedback on that.

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