On 12/04/2013 02:40 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <and...@dunslane.net> writes:
Well I guess we could say something like:

FOREIGN KEY (a-col) WHERE (a-condition) REFERENCES b(b-col) WHERE

But it's somewhat ugly.
OK, those make sense. I wonder whether this should be done via a USING
clause on the constraint that pointed to the partial unique index. Or
would that be too obscure?
I like what you have above.  Yeah, it requires the more verbose syntax
for declaring a foreign key, but this feature is not going to be so
heavily used that anyone will be in danger of worsening their carpal
tunnel syndrome.


Fair enough. I guess in terms of *this* feature TomD would then need to adjust the location of his WHERE clause so it's before the REFERENCES clause.



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