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TL> Tatsuo Ishii <is...@sraoss.co.jp> writes:
>> I would like to add a variant of regclass, which is exactly same as
>> current regclass except it does not raise an error when the target
>> table is not found. Instead it returns InvalidOid (0).

TL> I've sometimes thought we should just make all the reg* input converters
TL> act that way.

Absolutely agree. I cannot see the case whn error is the appropriate
solution. Casting nonexistent objects to NULL is the way to go for me.

TL> It's not terribly consistent that they'll happily take
TL> numeric inputs that don't correspond to any existing OID.  And more
TL> often than not, I've found the throw-an-error behavior to be annoying
TL> not helpful.

TL> In any case, -1 for dealing with this only for regclass and not the
TL> other ones.

TL>                         regards, tom lane

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