Hi all,

It happens that the following regression tests are failing if they are
run on a database not named "regression":
- updatable_views
- foreign_data
- sequence
Those tests are failing because some relations of information_schemas
contain information that are database-dependent. Please see the diffs

Note that this can be easily reproduced by running pg_regress with a
command of this type from src/test/regress:
./pg_regress --inputdir=. --temp-install=./tmp_check \
    --top-builddir=../../.. --dlpath=. \
    --schedule=./parallel_schedule \
IMHO, the regression test suite would gain in consistency and
portability if we do not refer to data that is database-dependent.

Opinions? A patch fixing that would be trivial to do, and I do not
mind writing it. Also, if we consider that as a bug, and I think it
is, the fix should be back-patched as well.

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