From: "Peter Eisentraut" <>
Yeah, this is part of a more general problem, which you have
characterized correctly: What is fatal (or error, or warning, ...) to
the client isn't necessarily fatal (or error, or warning, ...) to the
server or DBA.

Thanks. In addition, #5 and #6 in my previous mail are even unnecessary for both the client and the DBA, aren't they?

Fixing this would need a larger enhancement of the
logging infrastructure. It's been discussed before, but it's a bit of work.

How about the easy fix I proposed? The current logging infrastructure seems enough to solve the original problem with small effort without complicating the code. If you don't like "log_min_messages = PANIC", SetConfigOption() can be used instead. I think we'd better take a step to eliminate the facing problem, as well as consider a much richer infrastracture in the long run. I'm also interested in the latter, and want to discuss it after solving the problem in front of me.


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