> vacuum full; vacuum analyze;
> select bench_invoice(1000); select bench_invoice(1000); ... (10 times)
> It seems performance is degrading with every insert!
> Here is the result (time in seconds in bench_invoice(), commit between
> selects just under a second)
> 13, 24, 36, 47, 58, 70, 84, 94, 105, 117, ... (seconds per 1000 rows
> inserted)
> Isn't that odd?
> I have tried again. vacuum analyze alone (without full) is enough to lower
> times again. They will start again with 13 seconds.

Tested further what exactly will reset insert times to lowest possible:

vacuum full; helps
vacuum analyze; helps
analyze <tablename>; of table that I insert to doesn't help!
analyze <tablename>; of any table reference in foreign key constraints
doesn't help!

Only vacuum will reset the insert times to the lowest possible!
What does the vacuum code do?? :-]

Michael Paesold

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